● From A to B and Back Again

The intention of this work is not to glorify violence or to encourage vandalism but once again to point out that you also can find beauty in destruction and that it is possible to consider just anything by aesthetic means.

According to a report filed July 28th 2014 by the local police the neighbours of an abandoned industrial complex had noticed several young people on the rooftop. The police arrested 2 on the grounds of extensive damages.

The video recorded at the spot several years later was looped a number of times in order to fit the length of the 65 minutes soundtrack which was improvised on a trashed acoustic guitar without watching the images. The titel was lent from a book by Andy Warhol but is chosen solely in relation to occurrences in the video.

If you appreciate works like Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music which has a duration of 64 minutes you will probably think this is one minute too long.

Too fucking bad.

Niels Plenge 2018, BluRay, audioCD and 2 screen video installation, 65 min (or variable)