● Planlagte tilfældigheder [14:30]

Artist Pipaluk Lake is making glass sculptures. Her husband Jesper Palm were doing the video recordings for a documentary. I was asked to do the editing and also to compose a soundtrack. ‘Planlagte tilfældigheder’ premiered at her exhibition at Sophienholm in November 2012. The English titel is ‘Glass, wire and fire’.

Dir. Jesper Palm 2012, editing and film score by Niels Plenge, HD video, 15 min

● Soundtrack for Pipaluk 1 [5:27]

A lot of the sounds for the music were recorded in Pipaluk’s workshop to create a musique concrète composition.

● Soundtrack for Pipaluk 2 [2:48]

Here it’s mostly the musical instruments playing, only few sounds added. This part was not used in the film.